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Independent Baptist Churches


Cornerstone Baptist Church


Emmanuel Baptist Church


Fellowship Baptist Church


Inner West Baptist Church


Rouse Hill Bible Church


Australian Fellowship of Bible-Believing Churches (AFBC) Churches

Creation Vs Evolution Debate

Answers in Genesis


Creation Ministries International


Creation Research


Institute for Creation Research


Christian Resources (Books, DVDs)

We do NOT endorse all resources sold by these outlets



Reformers Bookshop

Spiritual & Devotional Aids

Biographies of Great Christians


Our Daily Bread Ministries


Audio KJV Bible

NKJV free app



Bible Helps

Parallel Bible (Compare NKJV to other translations)


Bible Places (Pictures of places mentioned in the Bible)


Free Bible Images


E-Sword (Free Bible Software)

The following links are considered helpful even though we would disagree with some view points expressed. Please read with discernment.

Test all things. Hold fast to the things that are good.

1 Thessalonians 5:21

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